A Practical Guide to Ido

Welcome to my beginner’s guide to Ido, a simplified planned language based on Romance. It was invented in 1907 as a revision of Esperanto, an international auxiliary language created twenty years earlier, and remains the best known of the “Esperantidos” to this day.

On this site, you’ll find everything you need to start using Ido today.

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Lore Sinioro Bediverus departis, ed iris a l’espado, e lejere prenis ol a su, ed iris al litoro; ed ibe il ligis la zono cirkum la manu­shirmili, e seque il jetis l’espado maxim fore posible aden l’aquo; e brakio e manuo venis super l’aquo e renkon­tris olu, e kaptis olu, e seque sukusis e brandisis ol trifoye, e seque desaparis la manuo kun l’espado aden l’aquo.

Extract from Le Morte d’Arthur (1485)
by Thomas Malory